Private Law

The Family Justice Review 2011 and Transforming Legal Aid have introduced significant and wide reaching changes to private Family Law and whereas the Courts would previously be likely to Instruct an Expert Psychologist to assess parents and children in highly complex and chronic contact or residence disputes featuring allegations of sexual, physical, emotional abuse, domestic violence and emotionally damaging family dynamics, such Instructions are now very rare, as parents are frequently unable to obtain legal aid and there has consequently been a huge rise in Litigants in Person even in cases featuring complex and chronic risk factors, which are beyond the professional qualifications of CAFCASS officers to assess.

Lisa Wolfe (Clinical Director of Expert Psychological Solutions) has assessed numerous, children and whole families involved in highly complex contact and residence disputes and the skills required to provide Psychological Assessments in Care Proceedings can all be applied to Private Family Law cases.

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*New* EPS has developed a full range of specialist psychological services suitable for Litigants in Person which can also be accessed online.  The way in which Litigants in Person are able to commission psychological assessments which they intend to use in Family Court Proceedings can vary  so Please click here  and complete a contact form with your question and Expert Psychological Solutions will contact you to advise on the best and most cost effective way forward to meet your needs.