Fee Structure

All Psychological Assessments are undertaken at the Legal Aid Agency approved hourly rates of £100.80 per hour (child psychological assessments) or £93.50 per hours (adult psychological assessments) with all travel costing £40 per hour and 45p per mile.

All Psychological Assessments will aim to be undertaken within the LAA capping guidelines of 25 hours per single party assessment, 35 hours per two party assessment and 45 hours per 3 party (or more) assessment.  Expert Psychological Solutions will liaise with Instructing Solicitors or Local Authorities to identify ways in which costs can be kept as close as possible to LAA guidelines in larger or more complex cases (for example agreeing essential reading lists to limit reading when there are multiple bundles)

All invoices are prepared using April 2015 LAA expert renumeration guidelines, which reduces the chance of queries being raised by LAA, even in complex cases.

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EPS guarantees 1

*EPS Guarantee – Training and Consultation*

Training and consultation cost organisations time and money and need to achieve specific, measurable results.  EPS specialises in designing training and consultation events that define clear training goals with the training commissioner, match the learning style preferred by your staff group (for example learning in teams using ‘real life’ case based examples) and ensure your staff are clear about what they have learnt and how to apply it in the work place at the end of training.

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*EPS can offer highly skilled and specialised confidential staff support packages (of individual  therapy, staff support groups, online skype support or telephone consultations) which not only seek to support staff in understanding and managing their own emotional needs but also develop the staff members ability to psychologically understand the ‘life stories’ of their clients and why the experiences they have had can make the clients so challenging to care for or work with.  This is proven to increase empathy and compassion in staff whilst helping protect staff from personal stress

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