Supervision & Training


Lisa Wolfe (Clinical Director of Expert Psychological Solutions) has provided specialist psychological training and support services to staff groups from a range of agencies, for more than 20 years.

Some examples of specialist psychological interventions for staff groups:


Lisa Wolfe has provided specialist clinical supervision (individually and in groups) to Child protection Social Workers and Managers, Youth Justice Social Workers, Learning Disability services (Residential and Community teams), Guardian ad Litems, Foster carers, Forensic Psychiatric Nurses, Health Visitors, Occupational Therapists, and Clinical Psychologists, Assistant Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists in Training.  Lisa Wolfe specialises in jointly (with supervisee) designing clinical interventions to support other professionals in their work with highly complex children, adolescents and families, for example designing an offending behaviour programme to take account of the impact of Autistic Spectrum Disorder on the offending pattern of a 14 year old boy.

*Expert Psychological Solutions has a network of highly experienced (15 years post qualification) of Clinical Psychologists  who offer UK wide clinical supervision services to a range of professionals. Supervision can take place online (Skype), by telephone or face to face (individual or team based) with a range of terms and conditions available including flexible contracts where Local Authorities can contract a number of hours per month which they determine how best to use*. 


Lisa Wolfe (Clinical Director of EPS) regularly offers training events and courses to a range of professionals including Solicitors, Guardian ad Litems, Family Lawyers, Child Protection Social Workers, Forensic mental health staff, Youth Justice Social Workers, Health Visitors, Paediatricians and learning disability specialist staff groups.  Specialist areas for training include:

  • Understanding attachment, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.
  • How to engage with hard to reach client groups.
  • ’Breaking the News’  - training course for Health Professionals including Paediatricians on delivering diagnosis of developmental disorder or learning disability.
  • Understanding and working with clients with severe personality disorders (in forensic settings and in Child Protection).
  • Basic Counselling skills training for Parent Advisor Scheme,
  • Clinical Formulation with complex client groups,
  • De-Mystifying the role of clinical psychologist as an expert witness (presentations and question and answer sessions for Judges, Barristers, Family Lawyers from a large Care centre in South East England)

STAFF SUPPORT SERVICES – Individual counselling, staff support groups and wellbeing events

Lisa Wolfe (Clinical Director of EPS) has worked for 20 years in multi-agency settings which cater to client groups with the most complex needs, such as adults and children with learning disabilities and challenging needs, Adolescents offenders in secure facilities with developmental and emotional difficulties engaging in dangerous behaviours such as arson and sexual offending and adults in medium secure forensic mental health settings with complex mental illness and personality disorders who have committed violent offences.  Lisa Wolfe has also assessed families where parents have been accused of serious neglect, where children have suffered serious and sometimes fatal injury, experienced sexual abuse and where parents themselves have suffered distressing abuse and neglect in their own childhood which has contributed to later relationship problems, parenting difficulties and mental health issues.  Staff groups whose job it is to work with complex and highly disturbed and distressed clients groups are prone to suffering from stress, burnout, sickness and can be at risk of becoming over involved in cases or ‘cutting off’ emotionally to manage their own distress, which can be harmful to clients and staff alike.

EPS guarantees 1

*EPS Guarantee – Training and Consultation*

Training and consultation cost organisations time and money and need to achieve specific, measurable results.  EPS specialises in designing training and consultation events that define clear training goals with the training commissioner, match the learning style preferred by your staff group (for example learning in teams using ‘real life’ case based examples) and ensure your staff are clear about what they have learnt and how to apply it in the work place at the end of training.

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*EPS can offer highly skilled and specialised confidential staff support packages (of individual  therapy, staff support groups, online skype support or telephone consultations) which not only seek to support staff in understanding and managing their own emotional needs but also develop the staff members ability to psychologically understand the ‘life stories’ of their clients and why the experiences they have had can make the clients so challenging to care for or work with.  This is proven to increase empathy and compassion in staff whilst helping protect staff from personal stress

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