New! Integrative  ‘Core Goals for Change ’  Psychological Therapy Programme for individuals, couples and groups of parents involved with Child Protection System:

For a parent involved with the Child Protection system and for Local Authorities who are seeking to manage risk to children under a Child Protection Plan or Order, accessing the right therapeutic support for the parent or family, which directly tackles the child protection areas of concern, in the right time frame, at a manageable cost can be challenging. Lisa Wolfe (Clinical Director of Expert Psychological Solutions has worked therapeutically with the most complex and hard to engage parents and families for 20 years, and has developed a unique integrative psychological therapy framework that:

  • Collaboratively identifies with parents and child protection services the Core Goals for Change (psychological, behavioural and psycho-educational) which the parent needs to work on therapeutically to keep their children safe.
  • Provides up to 12 sessions of individual, couple or group therapy based on a developing a clinical formulation, jointly with the parent, which represents ‘the story of the parent’s life’ and helps them to understand how their own experiences have led to problems in parenting safely.
  • Core Goals for change are monitored throughout the therapy programme.
  • A 6 week and end of therapy report is produced for the referring agency and suitable for use in Court.  An end of therapy meeting is held where the parent, supported by the therapist can share the joint formulation of their parenting problems with the Social worker and review their progress on the Core Goals for Change.  If the parent responds well to the therapy, there is the potential to use the joint formulation of the parent’s needs and Core Goals for Change as the framework which defines the parent’s longer term, multi-agency support needs.
  • Online or telephone consultation for professionals working with the family provided by Lisa Wolfe, after the end of therapy, can be negotiated on a case by case basis and in consultation with the parent.   

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